Bernie: I Wouldn’t Continue Obama Legacy

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bernie sandersDespite VP Joe Biden’s plea for the next president not to “undo” the legacy of President Obama, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders told MSNBC Wednesday that his presidency would be a “course correction.”

During an interview with Chris Hayes, reports the Daily Beast, the self-described democratic socialist confessed that while he is a “personal friend” of Obama and Biden, Sanders wants a “political revolution” to undo the current power structure controlled by “corporate America and the Koch brothers and the corporate media.” This is obviously at odds with how major-party presidential candidates tend to wholeheartedly tout their predecessor’s record as part of their campaign.



  1. Hey Bernie. Now that Biden was threatened into not running, you better be a good boy and get out of Hillary’s way. She waited for a long time and now it is her turn. The dumb stupid Democrats have decided that there is not a single person in the entire Party that comes even close to Hillary’s talent. She is the best and the brightest. A very sad state of affairs but this is the reality so you better get with the program.


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