Bernie Sanders: Being Labeled a Communist ‘One Of the Nicest Things’ Donald Trump Said

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Sen. Bernie Sanders told his Sunday night Democratic audience in Flint, Mich., that being called a communist by Donald Trump was “one of the nicest things that he said about me.”

BREITBART reports that Sanders gave his answer to CNN debate host Anderson Cooper, when Cooper cited Trump’s criticism.

In October, for example, Trump described Sanders as a “socialist-slash-communist.” Trump also called Sanders a communist in early February at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “I’d love to run against him,” Trump said, “To run against a communist in this country … I’d love that.”

But Sanders embraced the criticism Sunday night, saying the description “was one of the nicest things that he said about me.” BREITBART



  1. The problem is that Bernie is an Anti-capitalist. His worth is to change America into a lost voice limited marketplace.

    The reality however is that Donald Trump is the scare that is very real. He would himself bring us to a real communism of some sorts in America. Indeed he has owned the means of much production and thus in his America, we are looking at a mogul who wants a greater ease of negative economic development by his own value of a limited choice in the marketplace. This is a form of communism and he should indeed be shunned.

    Scary indeed.

    Vote Hillary. She will have a pro-capitalist value system and the world can be better.

    Trump Communism is very real. The worth is not becoming the sad nation that can not make the money smart.

    Scary and very annoying.


    • You misunderstand


      “She will have a pro-capitalist value system and the world can be better. ”

      1)But she also disagrees
      2)that’s the problem


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