Bernie Sanders Has Raised $18.2 Million Since Campaign Launch

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2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced Tuesday that he has raised $18.2 million from more than 900,000 individual donations since launching his campaign on Feb. 19.

Sanders raised $5.9 million in the first 24 hours after announcing his candidacy. His campaign told reporters on a press call that he has $28 million cash on-hand thanks to transfers from pre-existing funds, and that out of 525,000 contributors, 20% are new.

For comparison, Sen. Kamala Harris announced Monday she raised $12 million in the first quarter from 218,000 individual donations, while South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg said he has raised $7 million from 158,550.

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  1. If the Democrats are a large minority, how will millions or billions of dollars help him win the election after President Trump eradicated fraud, rigged machines and Voter ID will be implemented? Hillary who got billions of dollars from here and there for her 2016 campaign won about 13% (without fraud), how much more than that does he think he can get, especially when a huge percentage of Democrats joined the Walkaway movement?

    • “a huge percentage of Democrats joined the Walkaway movement”

      The 2018 midterms showed that the walkaways are primarily from Trump’s Republican enablers

  2. Crack! Its a good barometer of what is sick in the USA.

    Why not associate the reasonable with good hope and rest this Saturday wondering if that coinage is so easy for someone to give to a man who has no refined soul of Israel. It shows us that the dirty track to hard worth is hard.



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