Bernie Sanders: ‘I Don’t Believe In Charities’

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A 1981 New York Times item quotes Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as saying he doesn’t “believe in charities,” an outlook that one expert says is common in socialism and would destroy civil society.

In September 1981, the Times reported on comments then-Burlington Mayor Sanders made at a charity event:

“For the kickoff of the 40th annual Chittenden County United Way fund-raising drive in Burlington, Vt., the sponsors considered themselves fortunate to have as guests Mayor Bernard Sanders of Burlington and Gov. Richard Snelling of Vermont,” reported the Times.

“But the charity workers heard the sort of things they wanted to hear from only one of their guests.

“‘I don’t believe in charities,” said Mayor Sanders, bringing a shocked silence to a packed hotel banquet room. The mayor, who is a socialist, went on to question the ”fundamental concepts on which charities are based” and contended that government, rather than charity organizations, should take over responsibility for social programs,’” the article stated. Read more at WORLD NET DAILY.




  1. This is a bit misleading for the following reasons:
    1) That’s a thirty-five-year-old quote. Sanders may or may not still believe what he said back then, but he should be asked.
    2) He wasn’t anti-charity because of stinginess or cruelty, rather he felt society had an obligation to do what the charities were doing. That’s a key tenet of socialism and unsurprising for someone with Sanders’s views. He is certainly NOT saying “Let the poor starve” or something similar, which the headline and article imply.

  2. It ain’t just crazy Bernie: all fascists socialists are against charities taking away glory from the state. If the dems could, they would take away the charity tax deduction. Any so called askanim advocating for the dimcretins would only cause the long term destruction of our mosdos.

  3. And all that money that he is raising for his disfunctional campaign… what is that if not charity? What a cold hearted self hating jew that will be the worst thing that ever happened to this great country if he gets to become our next president.

  4. If the government gives everything free to a percentage of its citizens, and charges all the rest with high taxes to pay for all these free things, isn’t that considered charity in a gigantic proportion?? If he believed in no charity then there should be no free things from the government and everyone should work for what they want or need. Just wondering.


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