Bernie Sanders Says Government Should Consider Breaking Up Google, Amazon, Apple

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Sen. Bernie Sanders said Tuesday “we should definitely take a look at” splitting up Google, Amazon and Apple, though he stopped short of a full-throated call for their break-ups.

“I worry very much about monopolistic tendencies in many sectors of our economy, including high tech, and I think we have to take a really hard look at the degree to which monopolization in all aspects of our economy are a threat to the American people,” said the 2020 Democratic presidential contender when asked about the prospect.

Pressed again on whether he supports splintering those three tech giants, Sanders replied, “It’s something we should definitely take a look at, yes.”

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  1. The democratic party is too big. It needs to be split up into smaller parties, for the good of the people.

    Also, Bernie needs to give away 90 percent of the money he raised for his election, it is only fair to distribute it to all his competition.

    As well, he being that he is a millionaire, he must give most of his earnings back to the people.

  2. I completely agree with Bernie. All big companies should be broken up, except the money-losing ones. All big company executives should be shot. All billionaires should be shot. All millionaires should be sent to the Supermax prison where they’ll be kept in solitary confinement and fed only bread & water. Except Millionaire Bernie, of course. Millionaire Bernie is pure, holy and virtuous. Millionaire Bernie should be made President immediately. Millionaire Bernie should have his holy, pure, virtuous visage placed on all of the currency our racist, elitist country uses, and that currency should immediately be shipped to our friends the Palestinians. We are unworthy, Millionaire Bernie. We worship the ground you walk on and the air your accusing finger jabs at, Millionaire Bernie. A nation turns its lonely eyes to you, Millionaire Bernie. Please be our Dear Leader, Millionaire Bernie.

  3. We already have antitrust laws in our capitalist system. So, we don’t need Comrade Bernie to tell us that monopolies should be broken up. The irony is that these companies are commie supporters, and here we have one commie attacking another. Shouldn’t be surprised though: millions of people died in XX century in wars fought between different strains of fanatical socialists.

    • Actually, the main reason for Google search engine’s meteoric rise was antitrust case brought against Microsoft by the federal government about 20 years ago, which forced Microsoft not to force its browser and search engine upon Windows users, thereby creating a market opening which Google promptly grabbed and then proceeded to metastasize and to buy off and to shot down any competitors. Google is way bigger and way more aggressive at bullying competition than Microsoft ever was. It’s time to get Google some Microsoft-treatment. All the legal tools are already on the books; just a matter of actually applying the law.


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