Jewish Senator Bernie Sanders To Announce Presidential Run



Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders will announce his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday.

Sanders will release a short statement on that day and then hold a major campaign kickoff in Vermont in several weeks.

Sanders’ entry into the Democratic race ensures that Hillary Clinton will face a challenge to win the support of the liberal wing of the party.

Sanders’ basic message will be that the middle class in America has been decimated in the past two decades while wealthy people and corporations have flourished.

As the longest-serving Independent member of Congress, Sanders has been a vocal critic of the influence that large corporations have on the political process.

In the past few months, Sanders has been actively visiting many of the early presidential primary states. Just last weekend he traveled to South Carolina to address the state Democratic Party and news reports indicate that his economic message drew a lot of support at the state meeting.

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  1. so who do you vote for:

    your jewish but democratic brother?

    or your republican favorite & best for jews?

    let us know what you think

  2. vote for the gop. he is a mumar bakol so is not considered a jew.dont let him try to buy the jewish votes bec he is jewish-he is not -he is a liberal

  3. This Sanders guy is such a phony. Him & Pat Leahy CHOSE to live in a State where there are NO black residents. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, learnt that the hard way, when he couldn’t answer the question posed to him by Al Sharpton, if he had any black employees working for him. Bernie better do some quick hiring before he gets hit with the same question. Of course these radical leftists like to have it both ways.


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