Bernie Sanders: U.S. Founded on ‘Racist Principles’

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bernie sandersBernie Sanders said the United States was founded on “racist principles” during a speech at Liberty University on Monday. The senator from Vermont and Democratic presidential candidate referred to incidents of police shooting unarmed black men as examples of continued institutionalized racism.

“We have got to stand up and say, in America you’re not going to do that. Racism is unacceptable,” he said.

The candidate appealed to students at the Christian university to stand with him on economic inequality, despite their differences on social issues.

At the end of the question-and-answer session, Sanders responded to a question about prayer requests by asking the audience to pray for keeping the country together, providing health care to all, and eliminating childhood poverty. Read more at CSPAN.



  1. Racism was present among the founding fathers of the U.S, unfortunately. However, to say that the U.S. was “Founded on racist principles” is a vile lie. The U.S. set the stage for democracies worldwide with its ideas of individual rights and equality. The anti-black bigotry that was unfortunately prevalent was a worldwide phenomena and certainly didn’t originate in colonial America. A much more justified taina is why the U.S. took so long to do away with slavery after many European countries did so in the early nineteenth century.

  2. Bernie is devoid black voters. Hillary has them all.

    Solution? Give them a reason to hate.

    Bernie is a fate that has no G-d.

    Nice way to spend Rosh Hashana. At the school for the goyim asking for favors.

    Freak minded jew. No godly soul.

    Wait for Yom Kippur. Will he fast and go to a shul or go on Good Morning America.

    Inquiring jews want to know.

  3. He has the same problem that Howard Dean had. They talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. THERE ARE ALMOST NO BLACKS IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF VERMONT! How many blacks currently work for Bernie? Answer: ZERO. He is a classic double taking left wing Liberal.

  4. The person who wrote “all men are created equal” was an unapologetic slaveowner.

    However, there were also Founding Fathers who hated slavery and tried to get it abolished. Unfortunately it took a Civil War for that to happen.


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