Bestselling Author Tom Clancy Dies

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tom-clancyBestselling author Tom Clancy died Tuesday in a Baltimore hospital, his publisher has confirmed. He was 66. Clancy was the author of dozens of military thrillers, including the bestselling Jack Ryan series (including 1987’s Patriot Games), whose movie adaptations made millions at the box office.

Clancy was born in Baltimore, and he later became a part owner of the Baltimore Orioles. He earned $1.3 million for writing the first Jack Ryan book, The Hunt for Red October, and by 1997 he reportedly earned $50 million for his next two books. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I take a contrarian view, and I thank you for posting this obit of Mr. Clancy.
    Tom Clancy deserves our respect. His books were not filled with shmutz. You actually learned something from his books. (Of course being in Beis Medrash would’ve been better, but for me, his earlier books were a good outlet)
    My sincere condolences to his family.

  2. Respect for Torah requires a Jew to understand the times in which he lives. To anyone who remarks that this story is not worth a jewish web sites discussion or attention, think of how Hashem controls the universe. Tom Clancy was a factor in many human experiences and he will continue to have many readers through time I would imagine. So if you want to be a Torah Jew, understand how Hashem controls the universe and respect the passion of magical writers of times expression. Its Torah.

  3. Another immature post by Matzav editors who think they are daas teireh, and lach up der gantzer velt .. kinderish narishkkeit from matzav editors who read the books in bathroom

  4. To all those who posted sneering or sarcastic comments: it is extremely naive to think that your comments will only be seen by heimishe Jews. Anyone googling for information about Mr. Clancy might see your comments and be offended by them. I also question why this news item is relevant to, but there’s no excuse for comments that are a chillul Hashem.


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