Beth Din Of America Invites ‘Several Women’ – Including Chovevei Torah Staff Member – To Join Its Board

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beth-din-of-americaThe Beth Din of America, an Orthodox bais din, has invited “several women” to join its board, reports the Jewish Week.

The organization began an initiative to “repopulate” the board in 2012, said its director, Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann. “We’re looking for new board members that represent the broad swath of the Jewish community,” he said.

One of the women is Michelle Friedman, founder and chair of the Department of Pastoral Counseling at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, Avi Weiss’ controversial Open Orthodox institution.  Friedman is also an associate professor of clinical psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital.

The names of the other women invited to the 30-member board are not yet public, Rabbi Weissmann said.

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  1. Petty need considering we are delving into Torah and not the seating charts.

    If the ultra efficient think that underscoring freedom with lost interest is good, mildly does this do good.

    Numbering your ecstasy of fun is not a house party.

    Thinking of the women’s needs can have the rabbi discuss the issues with a wife or woman before a ruling.

    Why corrupt Israel with a fetish need.

  2. If this is Orthodox, then Orthodox is passe. let us put our heads together and define who we really are in this day and age and choose a new word. Any suggestions? How about “chareidi”?

  3. Charlie. You do not mix focus with opportunity. Its like having a wind hit your face with deadly force. It will not bless our durable hopes for resolved durable peace.

    Heaven is not a collective sin.


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