Bezos Sells Nearly 12 Million Amazon Shares Worth $2B

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Jeff Bezos has officially disclosed to federal regulators his divestment of nearly 12 million Amazon shares, amounting to a staggering value exceeding $2 billion.

In a statement submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the executive chairman of Amazon outlined the sale of 11,997,698 shares of the company’s common stock, conducted on both February 7 and February 8.

The cumulative worth of these Amazon shares, rooted in Seattle where Bezos kickstarted the company from a humble garage approximately thirty years ago, surpassed the $2.04 billion mark, as per the documented price aggregations.

These shares were bundled into five distinct blocks, ranging from 1 million to over 3.2 million units.

In another filing with the SEC, Bezos detailed a forthcoming sale of 50 million Amazon shares, projected to occur around February 7, with an approximate market valuation of $8.4 billion.

Having relinquished his role as Amazon’s CEO in 2021, Bezos redirected his focus towards other endeavors such as his aerospace venture, Blue Origin, and various philanthropic initiatives. Despite his reported relocation to Miami, Bezos continues to list his address on stock filings as Seattle.



  1. Bezos Sells Nearly $2B Worth of Amazon Shares On His Amazon Shopping Site
    A longtime Amazon Prime member has purchased nearly $2B worth of Amazon stock on the Amazon online shopping site from Amazon founder, Jezz Bezos.
    “I was looking to purchase some stock shares at a reasonable price,” Amazon Prime member, George Wilson, told reporters on Monday. “So I logged on to the Amazon website, typed the words “Stock Shares” in the search box, and lo and behold, I noticed that Amazon retail seller, Jeff Bezos, was selling 12 million shares of Amazon stock on his Amazon sellers’ account.”
    “As an Amazon Prime member, I was able to get a discount price on the stock shares, plus free, one-day shipping,” Mr. Wilson told reporters. “I received the stock shares via UPS the very next day, in the usual Amazon cardboard box, with the famous Amazon smile emblazoned on the box.”
    “Mr. Bezo’s sellers account had good reviews, and many satisfied customers,” Mr. Wilson explained, “so I took the plunge and purchased the products immediately despite the fact that that the shares were listed as ‘Used’ items.”
    “However, despite their ‘Used’ status, the shares appeared to be in mint condition when they arrived on my doorstep,” the longtime Amazon shopper said, “so, all in all, I think I got a pretty good deal.”
    “Mr Bezo’s definitely has me as a customer for life,” Mr. Wilson said, “I’ll be frequenting his Amazon seller’s account quite often. As soon as he starts selling potato peelers, I’m definitely gonna buy one from him, because I’m certain he would never sell a lousy potato peeler on his Amazon sellers account. You see, I’m making potato latkes next week, so I hope Mr. Bezos gets in the potato peelers by then.”


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