Bibi Calls On Gantz To Be Part Of Unity Government


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on rival Benny Gantz to help form a unity government in Israel after neither gained enough seats to make a ruling coalition on their own.

Netanyahu told Gantz to meet him “at any hour today” in order to hold discussions, saying, “We must form a broad unity government,” according to Haaretz.

The comments mark a reversal for Netanyahu, who had previously hoped to win enough seats in Tuesday’s parliamentary elections to form a ruling coalition with other right-wing parties and had at first ruled out working with centrists.

Read more at The Hill.


  1. Why a unity govt? If Gantz won, he, Gantz, will become PM even if there’s a unity govt and Bibi will be his assistant (as in kindergarten assistant). Bibi, wouldn’t you rather a 3rd election than be working under Gantz?


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