BIBI CAVES: Netanyahu To Announce Halt To Judicial Reforms Until After Knesset Recess

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will announce tonight the freezing of the government’s judicial reform effort until May, when the Knesset reconvenes after its upcoming recess for Pesach.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir revealed the prospective move Monday evening and said that his Otzma Yehudit Party had agreed to the pause, seemingly preventing a government collapse.

“I agreed to remove my veto on the postponement of the legislation in exchange for a commitment [from Netanyahu] that the bills be brought to the Knesset for approval in the next session, if no agreements are reached during the recess,” said Ben-Gvir in a statement.

He added that the coalition would attempt to engage in negotiations before attempting to pass the reforms.

For his part, Netanyahu also agreed to green-light the formation of a civilian national guard under Ben-Gvir’s authority during the next cabinet meeting.

Netanyahu was scheduled to address the country at 10 a.m. local time but delayed the speech after members of his coalition threatened to bring down the government.

The standoff over the reform package reached a critical juncture earlier Monday with the announcement of a worker walkout by the Histadrut labor federation, which set off a cascade of similar announcements, including the grounding of planes at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Netanyahu on Monday afternoon called for calm ahead of opposing protests in Jerusalem over the reform initiative.

A large demonstration was taking place outside of the Knesset in the afternoon featuring opponents of the ruling coalition and its reform proposals, while a pro-reform gathering was planned for the evening.

“I call on all the demonstrators in Yerushalayim, on the right and the left, to behave responsibly and not to act violently. We are brothers,” Netanyahu posted to his Twitter account. JNS


  1. Real Sad. Fools.
    The charedi parties caved in first .This will now embolden on all fronts the pervert left going forward
    Levin ,Rothman were fighting their cause for them .And instead ogf gratitude the rug was pulled from under

  2. Ben-Gvir you lost it! We were thinking of electing you as the next PM but apparently you’re as weak as Bibi. You just threatened to bolt coalition if the reform is paused and already you gave up. How much money did you get for that?

  3. Now we see why the Left have so much power. Because the Prime Minister is a fake Right-winger who was mos probably “elected” via the Dominion corrupt voting machine. He’s no better than Lapid. All the same corrupt.

  4. While the country voted for Bibi Netanyahu, supposedly a Right Winger, Satan – the Left, the minority have all the power.

  5. Why would anyone waste their time to go out to vote for Bibi Netanyahu if he has no power?


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