Bibi Netanyahu Is Under Fire For Eating Treif (But So Did Yitzchak Rabin)

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netanyahuThe last time Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s culinary preferences were called into question, it was for his penchant for consuming large quantities of ice cream.

But MK Aliza Lavie of Yesh Atid has just leveled a more dire accusation: that the Prime Minister and his staff have not been eating kosher while abroad. This, argues Lavie, has had deleterious consequences for Israel’s attempts to soften legislation in Poland barring religious slaughter for Jews and Muslims.

“Many lawmakers we met said that during the last visit [to Poland] of the prime minister, the Israeli side didn’t insist on kosher meals,” Lavie told Army Radio, reports the Times of Israel. “The Polish interpreted that as signifying that kashrut was not a very important issue.”

This isn’t the first time the kashrus of Israel’s prime minister has become a political liability. As Ambassador Yehuda Avner recounts, Yitzchak Rabin didn’t keep kosher either, but worked to maintain the fiction that he did, fearing outcry from the religious parties in his coalition if the truth came out. Rabin went to such lengths to conceal his dietary deception that he once lied to the President of the United States at a state dinner.

Read more at Tablet Magazine.

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  1. We all know that. When did he become the chozer l’tshuvah? Would he be turning against the ideals of his party? Nothing new here. The medinah is at an even lower ramah than it was two decades ago. We really need Moshiach ASAP.

  2. While what someone eats as a private person is between them and G-D and hopefully Bibi his wife will come to full smirat HaMizvot But as head of the Jewish state he has an obligation to act Jewish-Kashrut and Shabbat any less would be a repudiation of Jewish national identity which would call into question why Israel needs to occupy Eretz Yisrael Uganda would have been just as good. Mr. Prime Minister be a Jewish leader!!!!

  3. No wonder then that his government could so mercilessly pursue the downtrodden and surpass Ben Gurion’s in its anti-Chareidi vehemence.

  4. In Avner’s book, Rabin only created the fiction of eating Kosher at a White House State Dinner with Nixon, to avoid personal embarrassment at the moment. He had no problem with traif otherwise.

  5. This is a terrible Chillul Hashem! How can you have the “leaders” of the “only” “Jewish” Nation not abide by its laws, the Torah?!

  6. Netanyahu,fortunately, is letting his (3rd) wife’s family raise their children almost religious,and it has had some impact on him

    #8 Chani,
    You got the sarcasm out of your system..

  7. Of course its no surprise that secular Jews eat treif. What bothers people is that leaders of the Jewish state do it while on official business.

  8. What’s Yesh Atid’s supposed problem with this? Treif is a lot cheaper than kosher and that is they’re sole concern.

  9. Am shocked by reading the above, that there are those in the frum community who still don’t know that most in the Knesset are apikorsim or just plain lost yidden. That’s why it’s no wonder, everything now is hanging by a thread.

  10. If they had self respect they would at least refrain from
    Eating Treif publically And
    They would also not give back any land!!!


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