Bibi’s Advisers Warned Not to Release Video Criticizing the US – Report

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According to a new report by Channel 13 News, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu ignored warnings from his advisers and ministers not to release his video criticizing the US for holding up munitions shipments to Israel during wartime.

The report says that Netanyahu met with National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi, Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer, and other officials before he released the video, in which he said in english that it is “inconceivable” for the US to hold up arms shipments to Israel. In the meeting their was reportedly unanimous opposition to Bibi releasing the video.

Minister Dermer reportedly asked Bibi to at least wait until after he and Hanegbi had their meeting at the White House tomorrow regarding the threat from Iranian. The White House meeting was canceled by the Biden Administration, reportedly in response to Netanyahu’s video.

“This decision makes it clear that there are consequences for pulling such stunts,” a US official said, according to Axios.

In Tuesday’s video, Bibi expressed astonishment at moves from the Biden Administration to hold up munitions shipments to Israel during the current time of war against Hamas.

“When Secretary Blinken was recently here in Israel, we had a candid conversation, I said I deeply appreciated the support the US has given Israel from the beginning of the war,” Netanyahu said.

“But I also said something else, I said it’s inconceivable that in the past few months, the administration has been withholding weapons and ammunitions to Israel. Israel, America’s closest ally, [is] fighting for its life, fighting against Iran and our other common enemies,” he continued.

“Secretary Blinken assured me that the administration is working day and night to remove these bottlenecks. I certainly hope that’s the case. It should be the case,” said Netanyahu.

When asked about the video, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reacted with seeming bewilderment, saying: “We genuinely do not know what he is talking about. We just don’t,”. She continued: “There was one particular shipment of munitions that was paused.”

“We continue to have these constructive discussions with Israelis for the release of that particular shipment,” she added. “There are no other pauses, none, no other poses or hold in place. Everything else is moving in due process.”



  1. “This decision makes it clear that there are consequences for pulling such stunts,” a US official said, according to Axios.

    Amazing. As if Iran is not a US enemy. As if it’s not punishing itself by canceling such a meeting…

  2. It is really important for matzav readers to see this comment: Matzav is being brainwashed by the distortions of the left wing media in Israel and US…they will say anything to make Bibi Netanyahu look bad even if it serves the interest of Hamas and the anti semites around the world. Please be informed by Channel 14 and other reliable media sources before quoting anything from Channel 13, 12, 11 or ynet, Haaretz, De marker, etc. They are so anti religious, anti right wing, and represent the left wing radicals that they will say anything. I am 100% sure that Channel 13 is taking things out of context and saying only part of the facts so that the conclusion reached is exactly opposite of the truth. Instead of Matzav expressing shock at the actions of the Biden administration and trying to express the Jewish community’s disgust and outrage that the administration is putting acheinu bnei Yisroel in the North and in all e”y at risk with Hizballah ( did you hear Nasrsllah yemach shmo’s speech; he is completely emboldened), Matzav is writing articles sending a message that weakens the yidden in e”y just like the anti religios left wing radicals in Israel who strengthen the enemy and fight H-shem snd his people. Sadly מהרסייך ומחריביך ממך יצאו (such as Bernie Sanders and all the Jewish left wing radicals, which exist all over Israel and the US). I really implore Matzav to filter very carefully all sources of information and make sure to sound the voice of true yidden

    • You’re very right with what you say but you have to understand, nothing is what it seems. Even the left media, is controlled media. All the people you mentioned are gone. We’re dealing with actors who replaced the original. There’s a reason why they still officially have to be around. The upcoming EBS will disclose it soon.

  3. Hamas has been running rings around Netanyahu in the propaganda battle. They managed to get Biden to repeat some of their propaganda in his State of the Union speech. They’ve gotten mobs of useful idiots on our college campuses and on the streets. Their propaganda has taken over the UN and the ICC & ICJ.
    They’ve killed thousands of Gazans with 1,00 rockets that landed in Gaza as well as shooting Gazans trying to run to safety while accusing Israel of Genocide. They starve their own people by stealing aid and let the world accuse Israel of creating a famine. Before the war both Hamas and Iran declared that they cannot make peace with the Jews because they love death while the Jews love life. The PA eliminated Christian life in Bethlehem which used to be 90% Christian which is why there were no celebrations in Bethlehem this year and not because of a lack of tourists. How much of this and more has Israel put forward? Zero!
    Bibi has been a disaster when dealing with the world outside of Israel! He has allowed Hamas to turn the world against Israel. His dealings with the Obama and Biden administrations has been totally counter productive and at times he even annoyed Trump.
    What a disaster for Israel has Bibi Netanyahu been!

    • it has nothing to do with a successful or unsuccessful propaganda campaign. But has everything to do with the mentality of the Democrat party leadership. The Democrat party leadership, and Biden are anti semites. Biden has been a racist his entire political career. He will sometimes come across on our side. However that is only for political points.

  4. What Bibi needs to do is to bring Smotrich and Ben Gvir into the security and war efforts and to the throw the abominable leftists out.
    Otherwise, he has to ointinue balancing the varioys factions which is difficult. Ignore Biden ! This is what he got for quickly congratulating Brandon even before certification.


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