Bidding on Zimmerman’s Gun Up to $485K

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George Zimmerman’s online auction to sell the pistol he used to fatally shoot Trayvon Martin had reached $485,000 on Friday morning.

The bids were switched from, which eventually said it wanted “no part in the listing on our website or in any of the publicity it is receiving,” to United Gun Group.

The new location deems itself a “social marketplace for the firearms community.” Bidding on the 9mm Kel-Tec PF-9 pistol started at $5,000. Read more.



  1. This sicko, who posted a photo of Trayvon Martin’s body with the brag “Z-man is a one man army” on social media, is now seeking to profit from Martin’s death and further bragging about his killing. “Depraved” doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word to describe this wretched punk.

  2. Agreed. By Torah law, one may not derive benefit from the gun. Yet this repulsive fellow is using it for his personal profit.

  3. The only punk in this story was Martin, who did not hesitate pummeling without mercy, who was exhibiting a typical burglary casing behavior such as walking between houses in the middle of the night, who had numerous marijuana and violence texts and pictures on his phone, who was suspended from school for possessing marijuana, who had marijuana in his system at the time his death. Nothing like that 12 year old kid picture circulated by the communist media – in five years from that picture to his death, Martin has morphed into a menacing street criminal complete with a gold grill and a nasty attitude. He had candy in his pocket?-Are you insinuating that anyone with a candy is incapable of committing a violent crime?!

    • You can admire Zimmerman all you want, for whatever reason you want, but you also make up facts, omit other facts and present only one side. That’s dishonest and you can expect to be called out on it as follows:
      1) “Walking between houses in the middle of the night”. He was walking on footpaths that were meant for pedestrians – in other words doing nothing wrong whatsoever. Later he was running on footpaths to escape Zimmerman, because he was afraid of the stranger suspiciously following him.
      2) “Marijuana in his system” – what does that have to do with anything?
      3) Zimmerman refused to listen to the 911 dispatcher who told him to back off. Had he done so, a teenager who had done nothing wrong would have continued home, unharmed.
      4) Zimmerman posted a picture of Martin’s body, bragging about the shooting.
      5) Zimmerman has bragged about the shooting on other social media platforms, including using it as a threat, i.e. “See what happened to the last guy who started with me?”
      5) Zimmerman followed another man into a parking lot and threatened to shoot him in a road rage incident.
      6) He posted online filthy pictures of a woman he was angry at.
      7) He pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend and threatened her.
      8) He pointed a gun in his wife’s face and hit her father.
      9) He threw a wine bottle at another girlfriend (what do these women see in him?)

      Following the letter of the law, Zimmerman was acquired of the murder charge – it was legally self-defense, albeit against a scared teenager who attacked a stranger who was following him. However, Zimmerman is clearly a thuggish punk who has a history of threatening people with guns, especially wives and girlfriends. Oh, did I forget racist too? Yep, he’s posted several such those comments.

      • You are the one admiring a violent street thug named Martin, complete with the gold grill(very popular with gang members), taking phone pictures of guns, texting with his friends about fights and drugs. Oh, did you forget about pummeling Zimmerman. Pummeling someone means mercilessly hitting another human being in the head until a traumatic brain injury or death. Someone in his first fight doesn’t have enough cruelty to just keep on hitting; it is very probable that Martin has done it before. Martin was walking in the middle of the night in a place where it wasn’t customary and was suspicious, especially in the face of recent burglaries. Marijuana may or may not be a safe drug, but it definitely is illegal, Martin was involved with it, which is another proof that Martin was not this 12 year old innocent candy-lover that the media tried so hard to portray.
        Regarding Zimmerman, all the character flaws are inferred from his alleged behavior after the severe psychological trauma of the Martin incident, after the media’s tarring and feathering to such an extent that Zimmerman’s public reputation and employment opportunities are ruined, after spending all of his family’s life savings to hire attorneys to defend against a typical governmental bullying tactic of prosecuting just for the purpose of prosecuting so that the target person buckles under pressure and takes a plea deal. Not even discussing the fact that most of your violent behavior by Zimmerman allegations are just words of other people without any physical proof; people, who may hate Zimmerman because of Martin or because of personal reasons, who understand very well the vulnerability of Zimmerman to allegations of violence, and it is no surprise that they may take advantage of the situation and hurt the man even further by their allegations. Regarding your feeble point of not listening to the 911 operator – Zimmerman was surveillancing from a distance until Martin went around and suddenly jumped Zimmerman; besides, gratefully, a citizen of this country doesn’t yet have to obey every Herr Bureaucrat on the other end of the phone line. Calling Zimmerman racist?!-There were no any proven racist statements attributable to Zimmerman; the only racists in this story were Obama and the rest of the fascist socialists, who could not care less about the horrible epidemic of black people being shot by other black people or by Latinos, but getting all righteously angry because this particular Latino happened to have a Jewish last name of Zimmerman.

        • More lies, distortions and flat-out ridiculous conjecture, both in defense of Zimmerman, an unrepentant punk and attacking Martin, his victim.
          Let’s go through them:
          1) You are the one admiring a violent street thug named Martin… A lie. Actually two lies; Lie #1: No one “admired” him or said he was a good guy; if anything the opposite was said when saying Zimmerman’s acquittal was legally just. Lie #2: “Violent Street Thug”? Would this be Martin with zero arrests? Or Zimmerman, who had a previous arrest for attacking a cop and a previous restraining order placed by his girlfriend?
          2) You “forgive” every single one of Zimmerman’s subsequent violent incidents, including those where guns and death-threats are used, because of “psychological trauma” caused by his arrest and trial in the Martin case? He now has a lifetime get-out-of-jail-free card because of that arrest? Are you insane?
          3) “…a citizen of this country doesn’t yet have to obey every Herr Bureaucrat on the other end of the phone line.” Saying that Zimmerman should’ve listened to the 911 operator is the equivalent of Nazism? Once again, are you insane?
          4) “There were no any proven racist statements attributable to Zimmerman”. Another provable lie. The humiliating photo(s) that Zimmerman illegal posted as “revenge” on a former girlfriend included a comment that she was now “with a dirty Muslim.”

          Your post is so riddled with idiocies (do you even know what “inferred” means? are you aware of Zimmerman raising a large amount of money, then illegally lying in court about it?) that only a few of them are addressed here. But hey, keep defending this creep even after his next domestic violence episode(s); nothing is his fault.

          • 1 So now you get all angry when accused of admiring Martin, while it was you who first accused me of admiring Zimmerman; typical liberal hypocrisy. You lied: Zimmerman had no arrests prior to the Martin incident, while Martin got kicked out of school for being involved with drugs and violence.
            2 Try to take a course in reading comprehension, as you missed my point that Zimmerman at the time of the incident was a good boy, while Martin was bad, involved with gang lifestyle, violence and drugs. Whatever Zimmerman allegedly turned into after the incident, has no relevance to assessing his character at the incident.
            3 So do we have to obey every gubmit employee or do we have constitutional rights?! Please answer, Herr Kommandant!!!
            4 So can you bring an actual instance of Zimmerman’s racist statements?-Muslim is a religion, not a race, and you have no other racist statements by Zimmerman, so here you lie again.
            As for you referring to my post as riddled with idiocies, I won’t argue with an apparent expert, as it takes one to know one.
            I have made all my points, some multiple times, and will not further reply to your ignorance and lies.
            PS please look up inferred in a Webster’s dictionary.

          • 1) You are a liar and/or don’t know what you’re talking about. Zimmerman was arrested in 2005, several years before he shot Martin. He also had a restraining order filed against him in 2005 for domestic violence.

            2) Martin was suspended from school three times, not “kicked out”, i.e. expelled. His suspensions were for graffiti and marijuana. “Gang lifestyle”? Pretty wimpy gang. Violence? Another lie. Drugs? Marijuana.

            3) “Herr Kommandant!!!” You love calling people you disagree with “Nazis”, don’t you? What a sicko.

            4) Trying to play semantic games by saying a bigot isn’t a racist? First of all, bigots are usually called racists too, whether their bigotry is religious or race based. Second of all, he is clearly a vile bigot, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove – that he’s “only” a bigot but not a racist? Third of all, he called President Obama an “ignorant baboon” in a post, so there’s your racist statement.

            5) When someone commits domestic violence against several different women over the years, including threatening some with guns, fights with a cop, follows another motorist into a parking lot and threatens to kill him, and several other incidents, character flaws aren’t “inferred”. Look up what the word means. Here’s a hint – we don’t “infer” that the sun rises in the East.

  4. This pistol fetched such a high price because people understand its meaning as a symbol of freedom: it didn’t just save a life(and there can be no freedom when people are petrified of street gangsters) of one individual from a violent bully, it also symbolizes a court victory of an individual against a bullying federal government which tried to railroad an innocent man for political reasons. The bidders understand, and they put their dollars where their appreciation for freedom is.

  5. Will this cause riots?-Not in a state where people are armed and able to defend themselves. The street thugs attack those who look like easy targets.

  6. He is a sicko and so are the bidders, but since the USA are not supposed to be the jungle, authorities should confiscate the gun. I appreciate what the Gunbroker website did, at the expense of their own commission.


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