Biden Administration Backs Egaliterian Kosel Section

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U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Rashad Hussain interfered in Israel’s internal affairs by publicly expressing the Administration’s support for the upgraded egalitarian prayer section approved by Netanyahu in 2016 and stalled ever since in the Supreme Court due to the objections of religious parties.

“I visited the Western Wall for the first time today and met with Rabbi of the Wall Shmuel Rabinowitz,” Hussain said. “I reiterated U.S. support for the implementation of the 2016 Western Wall agreement to expand the egalitarian space at the Wall.”

Chareidi parties are attempting to pass a bill that would forbid the Women of the Wall’s monthly service in the Kosel’s ezras noshim and force them to hold it in the egalitarian section.



  1. Mr. Biden and all your Socialist admin – STAY OUT OF ISRAEL – your ship is sonking – so take care of your citizens

  2. U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom

    Sounds like he is the U.S. Ambassador at Large for LACK of International Religious Freedom.

    The US constitution prohibits the government from taking sides on internal debates within in a religion in the US . Why do they feel entitled to do so elsewhere?

  3. Who cares what Rasha Hussain wants or what the Biden Administration wants? Hey Biden and Hussain, mind your own business. Take care of the problems in America where you are sitting as the so called president.

  4. Mr. Hussain should not interfere in the business of another country.
    IY”H may the Chareidi parties’ bill be passed, so that WOW will stop desecrating the Kosel.

  5. In other news, 8 blacks were murdered by fellow blacks on the streets of south Chicago and the white Joe Biden rejoices over their deaths.

  6. The idea of the democrats today is to approve a world where lame beings face adult well bodies of the orthodox and face free groove. This is an error.

    The lame are not dreams of health and the orthodox public should back them down from their bad plans.

    This is the whole problem with the haste of inclusion and diversity action and the lame are causing unorthodox appearance.


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