Biden: Average Income Tax Refunds Up About 10 Percent


bidenVice President Joe Biden says average income tax refunds are up nearly 10 percent to just over $3,000, largely due to various tax benefits in last year’s economic stimulus bill. Internal Revenue Service data show the average refund is up more than $260, a 9.6 percent increase over last year.

Since about half of all Americans have yet to file their returns, administration officials are holding events across the country this week reminding taxpayers to take advantage of those benefits on their 2009 tax returns.

The stimulus bill included help for taxpayers for college expenses, buying a first home and making energy-efficiency improvements on their homes, among other tax credits.

Income tax day is April 15.

{ABC News/Noam Newscenter}


  1. #2 – what makes you think that? If they wanted to stop refunds, wouldn’t they be down this year instead of up?

    #3 – It’s called a refund – as in … you pay the gov’t first (your taxes) and then they give you some back. That’s where they get the money from.

    Everyone is so quick to blast the Obama administration. There are genuine things to criticism the government about – save your criticism for when there’s actually something to talk about.

  2. Theres no question about it next year this wont be the case and there will hardly be any tax break at all and taxes will go up probably by 100% just like england where the taxes are 17 or 18 percent but lets bare in mind that their healthcare system isnt so terrible and its totally free plus so many other benefits they apparely have there so your getting back loads on your taxes in england, so there are many facts to consider!


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