Biden Changes U.S. Ambassador To Israel Twitter Name To Include West Bank and Gaza

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The Biden administration on Wednesday changed the U.S. ambassador to Israel’s Twitter account name to read, “the official Twitter account of the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza,” walking back the Trump administration’s pro-Israel policies.

The change in title marks a significant shift in policy toward Israel. The United States has for decades declined to take a policy position on the West Bank and Gaza territories, maintaining the Israelis and the Palestinians must decide in negotiations how the areas will be split up for a future Palestinian state. By including Gaza and the West Bank in the ambassador’s portfolio, the Biden administration appears to be determining that neither area is part of Israel—a move that is certain to rile Israeli leaders. The incoming administration’s move also signals that it will elevate the next ambassador’s role to include conducting direct diplomacy with Palestinian leaders, including in the Gaza Strip, where the Hamas terror group maintains control. This is the only ambassador tasked with conducting diplomacy in a region controlled by a U.S.-designated terror group.

During the Obama administration, former ambassador Dan Shapiro was referred to in official communications as the “U.S. Ambassador to Israel.”

While President Joe Biden has said he would maintain the U.S. embassy facility in Jerusalem—which former President Donald Trump moved in a historic policy shift—it is likely he will put greater emphasis on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, which have long been stalled. Biden also will grapple with the last administration’s decision to recognize the Golan Heights area along the Israel-Syria border as officially part of the Jewish state.

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  1. Illness world. But the penny falls so far away from trite wagers of choice.

    A winning hand if Biden has peace. A worry of the gay luck that the regime of his presidency has gold. We wonder if Trump fixed enough or if the plow hits the bottom of the sea backwards.

    The key to mid east peace? Kosher jews and shabbas observance. It may be discussed by Israel.

    His luck is as good as any. But if you ask me, just call the whole thing a trouble spot and beat the time state solution to a ten man minyan in every city that jews live. The well can fix their problems and the twin city offer of the pain between Jerusalem and D.C can be a refuge of dreams. Just the bottom of the sea issues. A mean filling meal for the gentile. Why Jerusalem wants to go there no one knows. A kosher is an eye of good health. Universe.

  2. “neither area is part of Israel”

    And that is correct, according to Israel! They have never been annexed. And note that he didn’t say “Ambassador to Israel and Palestine”.


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