Biden ‘Cheat Sheet’ Contains Reporter’s Question

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A news photographer captured President Joe Biden with a cheat sheet during a joint press conference at the White House with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol that included a photo and the text of the first question from a Los Angeles Times reporter.

The New York Post published images of the card in Biden’s hand, which included the text of the question from Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian regarding the manufacturing of semiconductor chips, apparently submitted to Biden’s office ahead of the press conference.

According to a transcript of the press conference, Biden did call on Subramanian for the question, which she worded slightly differently than what was captured in the photograph.


The Biden administration has been caught using such cheat sheets before, including a June 2022 incident where aides outlined each action Biden was to take during an event in great detail.

“YOU take YOUR seat,” the cheat sheet in the photo posted by the Post read. “Press enters.”

The Post reported the next line read, “YOU give brief comments (2 minutes).”

At the end of the event, according to the report, Biden was directed, “YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question” and then “YOU thank participants” and “YOU depart.”

Biden’s critics point to these cards as an indication of cognitive difficulties due to his age, which is becoming an issue for the 2024 presidential election — especially after his announcement Tuesday that he is running for reelection.

Biden will be 82 at the time of the election and 86 by the time he would leave the Oval Office, should he win the race.

That very issue came up during the press conference.

Biden said that he thinks his age is a “legitimate” issue and is something voters should consider.

“And with regard to age, I can’t even say — if I guess how old I am, I can’t even say the number. It doesn’t — it doesn’t register with me,” he said. “But the only thing I can say is that one of the things that people are going to find out: They’re going to see a race, and they’re going to judge whether or not I have it or don’t have it. I respect them taking a hard look at it. I’d take a hard look at it as well. I took a hard look at it before I decided to run. And I feel good. I feel excited about the prospects. And I think we’re on the verge of really turning the corner in a way we haven’t in a long time.”

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