Biden Compares Republicans to Nazis


bidenVice President Biden is out with an alarmed e-mail cash appeal warning that the GOP will mount a “blitzkrieg” against Democrats in the fall. Comparing GOP tactics to the fast-striking forces of Nazi Germany, Biden warns in a message sent by the DCCC today: “As things heat up, you can expect House Democrats will be hit with a GOP blitzkrieg of vicious Swift-Boat-style attack ads, Karl Rove-inspired knockout tactics, thinly veiled attempts at character assassination and tea party disruptions.”

And while the GOP is mounting a blitzkrieg, Democrats are the allies.

“Our Democratic allies in the House need your help, and the President and I hope we can count on you to come to their defense so we can hold onto our Democratic Majority and continue moving American forward in a new direction,” Biden writes in the appeal.

Subtle? Not so much.

Update: Republicans were not amused by the implications of the e-mail.

Kevin Smith, spokesman for Minority Leader John Boehner, e-mailed a comment that seems sure to get under Democrats’ skins: “When will Democrats learn that invoking the Nazis’ crimes against humanity in a political debate is simply inappropriate?”

{NY Daily News/Noam Newscenter}


  1. This whole fiasco is entirely overblown. Biden was merely referencing an effective war tactic that was used by Nazis.

    It’s a non-sequitor to derive that Biden is calling Republicans “Nazis.” Some people are too sensitive.

  2. Mr. Samuel where you ever in Germany or Poland? Did you ever live with a person who survived the war? how dare you say people are to sensitive? Shame on you. Any word refereing to WWII should not be used by anyone period.

  3. Samuel is right about the word. It’s become a standard word in English, so using it doesn’t imply any comparison to Nazism. In fact, I think it’s used often in chess commentary.

  4. so let’s get this straight, when football teams “blitz” they’re nazis, right?
    why is this story even here-nareshkeit

  5. #4

    I am replying on behalf of “oy oy” (commentator #2).

    “Were you ever in communist Russia? Did you ever live with a person who survived Stalin’s regime? How dare you make references to Stalin. Shame on you. Any word referencing to communism should not be used period.”

    Joseph Stalin killed more people than Hitler. Of course this is all in jest to illustrate a point.


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