Biden Considering 4 Black Women as Running Mate

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Joe Biden is still considering four Black women to be his running mate but would not pledge to select one of them over other women on his list.

“I am not committed to committing any but the people I’ve named and among them are four Black women,” the Democratic nominee said Monday on MSNBC.

Biden resisted efforts to name the Black women, though Sen. Kamala Harris, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Rep. Val Demings and Rep. Karen Bass are most likely to be on the list. Others still in consideration include Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen.Tammy Duckworth and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

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  1. Lol. We all know it’s already a done deal. Michelle Obama will start out as the VP and shortly after will take over as the President, once the masked one becomes “incapacitated”. The apparatchiks at the DNC couldn’t care less about the voters. The Obama crime family still rule with an iron fist.

  2. Biden Considering 4 Black Women as Running Mate

    Is he considering 4 Black Women as his Running Mate or is that among his considerations for running mate there are 4 Black Women?

    Is these women weren’t black but everything else about them was the same would they still be considered?

    Among his potential running mates, why do these women deserve special mention at all? Does everything always have to be about race and gender?

    What is his criteria for running mate? Why do I ONLY hear about his potential running mates in the context of gender and color?

  3. Why isn’t Biden considering choosing Rep. Maxine Waters as a running mate? She has been a legislator for far longer than the other candidates mentioned, she is more representative of Black womanhood, and she is at least as qualified for the office as Joe Biden is.

    • Maxine Waters is still inciting violence against evil WHITE Republican racists. She wants blacks to harass whitey when they go out with their families to a restaurant.

  4. Gosh, there’s way too much intelligence in the comments here! I think the appropriate reaction here, given Biden’s sorry state of mind, is that someone better tell him that he can have only one, not 4…

  5. Had he said that insists on one of four white men, he would have been racist and sexist. But since it must be a black woman he is not?

  6. well, isnt that the epitome of racism?! the only thing going for these women is the color of their skin. they get into universities because of color and get jobs because of color. but of course, they are not racist; only everyone else is because only black lives matter


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