Biden Diagnosed With Fractured Foot After Slipping While Playing With Dog

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President-elect Joe Biden suffered hairline fractures in his right foot while playing with his dog and will wear an orthopedic walking boot, Biden’s transition team said Sunday.

Biden slipped and twisted his ankle on Saturday while he was playing with Major, one of his two German shepherds, and he was seen by a doctor on Sunday.

Kevin O’Connor, a doctor with Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists in Newark, Del., said in an initial statement that Biden was diagnosed with a sprain in his right foot.

“Initial X-rays are reassuring that there is no obvious fracture and he will be getting an additional CT for more detailed imaging,” O’Connor said in a statement.

A Biden spokesperson said the team arranged for Biden to get an X-ray and another CT on Sunday afternoon to avoid disrupting his plans for Monday. The spokesperson noted delays were expected, as closed offices were being opened and staff needed time to set up.

Those X-rays revealed hairline fractures in the foot, and the president-elect will wear a walking boot for “several weeks,” according to his campaign in a statement later Sunday evening.

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  1. BREAKING NEWS – Joe Biden will admit defeat upon pardon from President Trump.(UPDATE BIDEN HAS A BOOT)
    This appears to be the same Chinese Journalist / Talk show guy that broke the story on Hunter Biden’s laptop…which proved to be absolutely true. It should be known though, there will be no pardons for traitors. Biden may wish to concede but he won’t get away with what he did.

  2. These bones are rarely broken. Been x raying for 25 years and see maybe one lisfranc fracture a year. A serious injury, but uncommon.
    If anything their would be an avulsion fracture, not a hairline fracture.

    An isolated fracture of the lateral cuneiform is a rare finding.
    [link to (secure)]

  3. Is that the same poor foot that has been in his mouth for so many decades?
    Does the President-elect have osteo- on top of his cerebroporosis?

  4. Last week they planned for the Biden clone to have a rally in Georgia. But then decided against it because some zealots might kill him before the Democrat election frauds are completely exposed. Better to keep him stuck in his basement and guard him carefully.

  5. You can’t suddenly diagnose someone with a fractured foot when all diagnosis for 2020 are corona. That’s what happens because he wasn’t wearing a mask. All maskeraders on here concur.


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