Biden Fills Our National Security Team With Two Dozen Appointments

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President-elect Joe Biden on Friday announced nearly two dozen appointments to his incoming National Security Council (NSC), filling out his staff with less than two weeks to go before his inauguration.

The appointees are largely veterans of the Obama administration, with many having served previously in the White House, in the Obama NSC and alongside other top nominees for senior posts in the Biden administration.

“The National Security Council plays a critical role in keeping our nation safe and secure. These crisis-tested, deeply experienced public servants will work tirelessly to protect the American people and restore America’s leadership in the world,” Biden said in a statement.

“They will ensure that the needs of working Americans are front and center in our national security policymaking, and our country will be better for it.”

Each presidential administration is unique in how it structures its NSC, which is in theory a staff to support the president but has grown in size and importance until it is comparable to other top departments and agencies.

The 21 people announced on Friday signal Biden’s intention to restructure and expand the council, with a senior adviser to the transition team telling The Washington Post its priorities will be reflected in new senior positions on global health, democracy and human rights and cyber and emerging technology.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Who is really making all these picks? Joe is a senile old fart who has been hiding out in his basement for the last few months. He’s not mentally capable of deciding what he wants for lunch. How can he possibly be allowed to choose who is going to be in charge of our security?

    • Nobody. It’s only talk on the media. Biden is not doing anything. In fact, the Pentagon blocked Biden’s team from Military Intelligence. They all know that Biden will not be President.

  2. Biden isn’t awake, alert, or oriented enough to pick his own nose. Whoever is his puppet master is the one making these appointments. As written in the article, these people are largely veterans of Barry’s administration. So, who is pulling Joe’s strings? Hint – it has big ears.


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