Biden: George Floyd Death Racial ‘Turning Point’ In US

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George Floyd’s death “marked a turning point”┬áregarding racial justice in the U.S.,┬áPresident Joe Biden said Tuesday.

Biden signed four executive orders that dealt with racial equality. He credited Floyd’s murder, by a police officer who knelt on the victim’s neck for nearly nine minutes, with having a monumental impact, per the┬áDaily Mail.

“Those eight minutes and 46 seconds that took George Floyd’s life, opened the eyes of millions of Americans and millions of people all over the world,” Biden said. “It was the knee on the neck of justice and it wouldn’t be forgotten.

“It stirred the consciousness of tens of millions of Americans and in my view it marked a turning point in this country’s attitude toward racial justice.”

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  1. Liberal lies and deceit. One incident with a rogue donut eater doesn’t define the other 160 million white citizens in this country. This is Biden/Obama/Holder trying to stir up racial divide AGAIN! If the privileged WHITE racist, Joe Biden, really was “concerned” about racial justice, he, as a WHITE male, would resign immediately and let the POTUS be a black!

  2. This imbecilic, inane comment is far more dangerous than the Floyd murder. Trouble is that the left will not hold Biden responsible for frank racism, no matter when it happened or how he promoted it. We all know that the Floyd murder was an evil act, regardless of the technical cause of death. What we truly don’t know, and have no reason to believe – except for the Democratic party narrative – is that this was a racial/hate crime. No, I’m not defending anyone, not the officer, nor the other officers. But it has become popular to render actions as “hate crimes” because that stokes flames, and causes destruction. The BLM riots were no less evil that the Floyd murder. The turning point was narrative that this was racial, and that it justified letting animals destroy the innocents.

    Well, I consider this despicable incitement a vicious crime, and pray that those committing it be subjected to true justice. I wish to see Biden and the other hateful Dems punished for the divisiveness they inflicted on America.

  3. George Floyd’s death was not a hate crime!!!!!!!!!! I have seen officers put their knees on other peoples necks before. White, Hispanic, black ,etc. They do that when they are not cooperating with the request the the officers. The autopsy shows that George was under the influence of several drugs. Look up these facts if you don’t believe me. Look up old episodes of COPS. There you will see cops holding down people that were unruly and had broken the law. Another thing we need to stop being influenced by the racist Biden administration, they are relentless on trying to divide people. Obviously for their own agenda! Wake up America!


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