Biden: I Don’t Have a Savings Account

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biden1Apparently, the potential 2016 presidential contenders are racing to claim they are the poorest of the bunch. Speaking at a White House summit on financial difficulties facing working families, Vice President Joe Biden said he is the man in the “mildly expensive suit,” adding “I have no savings accounts” and “I don’t own a single stock or bond.”

His comments come a day after Hillary Clinton said she is not like the “truly well off” and seem like a clear jab at her fairly ridiculous claim.

Biden does actually have a savings account, though it has less than $15,000 in it, and he was the poorest senator when he joined the Obama ticket in 2008. Read more at BuzzFeed.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. dear sirs either our vice president is stupid or he has money in the cayman islands or where ever they hide money so they don’t get taxed.

  2. He isn’t stupid, but he isn’t rich. (How not stupid? He said eight years ago that Iraq was not likely to last as a single country!) Biden was elected to the US Senate when he was only 29. Prior to then he had had a small law practice but it was not a big moneymaker. His wife and daughter were killed in an auto accident just a few weeks later leaving him to raise two sons on his own. He never moved to Washington but instead paid a fortune to commute every day via Amtrak so that he could be with his boys. His second wife teaches at a community college — a rather low paid profession. They have lived on their government salaries, never going the big speaker fee circuit.

    It would be nice to have a President who actually has had an income more like normal Americans, but it looks like Hillary has the Democratic nomination locked up.

  3. #7, You are correct: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton should be locked up for her obstruction and false statements in her attempt to cover up for the Benghazi disaster.


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