Biden In Florida: “Romnesia” Spreading To Ryan

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joe-bidenVice President Joe Biden told a crowd today that “Romnesia” is spreading to Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Biden began telling the crowd about the new word President Barack Obama used the day before to describe what he calls Republican Mitt Romney’s changing polices. In anticipation, several of the 950 supporters packed into a basketball gym began shouting “Romnesia!”

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  1. Yes, I do believe he said it is a FTD- A Fox Transmitted Disease. You do know that Fox stands for Forum of Xenophobia, don’t you?

  2. is obama or biden really impressive? can you point to anything clearly positive that they have accomplished? how many promises or commitments did obama fulfill? cutting the dificit cutting unempolyment making the muslims love america etc….. do you really believe that raising taxes on the rich will accomplish anything ? can you keep spending above your means and survive? WAKE UP


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