Biden: Many Illegals ‘Are Already Americans’

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bidenVice President Joe Biden says Congress has a moral and economic imperative to offer a pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants living in the country illegally.

Many of them, he says, “are already Americans,” whether they’re here legally or not. He says immigrants simply want a decent life for themselves and their children, just as his great grandparents did. Read more here.

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  1. Everyone should have the opportunity for a better life but a lot of the illegals are day workers getting NGO paid in cash and reap ing the benefits of goverment assistance ever watch them using benefit card free medical and schooling which we taxpayers work hard to make ends meet

  2. Here we Go…………

    Let this be for a lesson.

    EVERYTHING that the world is making a big deal about is all to have that effect on masses(you).It’s most or all of your MakeUp.
    To the leaders ,this is ‘poshut’ as day

  3. Let’s see they are illegal but hey there legal. Could I use that in court probably not. Only the dumbest man on capital hill could say that

  4. The bottom line is that amnesty is the death knell of the Republican party. No matter what the republicans do they cant compete with free programs-which is the democratic party mantra.
    There are plenty of illegals that believe in the classic american way of earning your keep but percentage-wise they are dwarfed by the masses on programs.


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