Biden: Romney Will Go to War in Syria and Iran

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joe-bidenVice President Joe Biden said today that Republican rival Mitt Romney is ‘‘ready to go to war in Syria and Iran” while hurting the middle class.

During a campaign stop in York, Pa., designed to promote President Barack Obama’s economic policies among white, working-class voters, Biden said that Romney “”said it was a mistake to end the war in Iraq and bring all of our warriors home. He said it was a mistake to set an end date for our warriors in Afghanistan and bring them home. He implies by the speech that he’s ready to go to war in Syria and Iran.”

Romney’s spokeswoman Amanda Hennenberg countered that ‘‘It’s no wonder that a politician who has been wrong about every major foreign policy question of the last 30 years is wrong on every count about Gov. Romney’s strategy to restore America’s leadership role in the world.”

Biden actually claimed that America is headed in the right direction.

‘‘This is no time to turn back. We have to continue to move forward,” he said. ‘‘Folks, I am absolutely certain – there’s not a single doubt in my mind – that we are on the way to rebuilding this country stronger than it was before.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Joe Biden is Obama’s life insurance. We all daven Obama ends his term in good health, or else we’ve got Joe Biden running the country.

  2. NOT attacking Iran is the MOST irresponsable idea I understand he means to preach.
    let him take a hike (and wander into peaceful Iran) dummy…


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