Biden Says He Will Choose Running Mate Next Week

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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told reporters on Tuesday he would name his running mate in the first week of August, days before he formally accepts his party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

“I’m going to have a choice the first week in August and I promise, I’ll let you know when I do,” Biden told reporters during a question-and-answer session in Wilmington, Delaware, following earlier remarks.

Biden’s search for a vice presidential candidate has drawn intense scrutiny, in part because he would be the oldest president in U.S. history at 78 years old as of Inauguration Day.

Biden has vowed to select a woman to join his ticket ahead of November’s election against Republican President Donald Trump.

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  1. Oh wow. Please don’t keep us waiting too long. You have millions of taxpayers just waiting breathlessly for your monumental decision.


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