Biden: There Will Be ‘No NATO’ If Trump Is Reelected


Former Vice President Joe Biden predicted in an interview that aired Friday that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would cease to exist as we know it in if President Trump is reelected.

“If he wins reelection, I promise you, there’ll be no NATO in four years or five years,” Biden told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in the wide-ranging interview.

“I went to the conference that we have, it’s called the Wehrkunde Conference,” the 2020 Democratic frontrunner continued. “The former chancellor of Germany stands up, she says we have to go it alone. We can’t count on the United States.”

“Why did we set up NATO, Chris? So no one nation could abuse the power in the region, in Europe, that would suck us in in the way that they did in World War One and World War Two. It’s being crushed,” he said.

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  1. In 2012 , Biden told a black audience that if Mitt Romney is elected they will be back in chains. Didn’t believe him then, don’t believe him now,


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