Biden To Officially Enter Race Thursday, Arguing He Can Put End To Trump Divide

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Former Vice President Joe Biden will enter the presidential race on Thursday and present himself as the man who can unify not only a splintered Democratic Party but a country that has been fractured by Donald Trump’s presidency.

Sources close to the former vice president say Biden’s campaign will be centered on the argument that he can defeat Trump and that he can best unify a nation divided along geographic, racial, gender and generational lines during the Trump era.

Biden is expected to announce his entry into the race with a Thursday video, according to a source. While details are still being ironed out, he is then expected to appear next week in Pittsburgh before moving on to other early voting states.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Best news for President Donald J. Trump shlita. He will mop the floor with crazy Uncle Joe. Hope he picks the machashaifer AOC as his running mate!

  2. Uncle Joe is a nice guy but his goofiness is no longer appreciated. Joe is a white heterosexual male and in today’s PC climate, which mandates identity & gender politics, he stands NO chance. Sorry Joe. You had your chance last time around but you were a coward and allowed the Obama’s to beat you down.

  3. A big loser among a gang of small losers, part of a party of losers. Bring ‘em on. His motto, “Louse Up AMERICA Again”.


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