Biden: Trump Is An “Existential Threat” To The U.S.

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Joe Biden called out President Trump as an “existential threat” to the U.S. in a campaign appearance in Iowa today, CBS NEWS reports. The bashing by the front-runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination and former vice president came as he and Mr. Trump travel throughout Iowa Tuesday trying to galvanize their supporters.

Biden labeled Mr. Trump an existential threat to decency, America’s standing in the world, and democracy.

Biden drew a “sharp contrast” between himself and the president on several key issues, among them tariffs, climate change and restoring American “values.”

Throughout his less-than-two-month-old campaign, Biden, 76, has focused his pitch for the Democratic nod on his contention that he is the candidate most likely to beat the president in the general election.

Biden charged that American farmers “have been crushed” by Mr. Trump’s “tariff war with China,” which Biden call the product of the president’s lack of empathy for rural residents.

“Four years of Donald Trump would be an aberration in American history. Eight years will fundamentally change who we are as a nation,” Biden said. Read more at CBS NEWS.



  1. Hope President Trump will include the “Joe Biden” and “Hillary Clinton” impersonators in his draining of the swamp.

    • It could very well be that the Patriots (Trump’s people) are behind these fakes and clones in order to be able to remove the criminals smoothly without chaos. Perhaps on July 4th will get to know what’s actually happening behind the scenes.

  2. Joe Biden presents the greatest threat to himself. All sharp objects should be taken away from him by his home aid. His low level IQ only compounds his misery.

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