Biden: Trump Will Make World Hate U.S.

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Vice President Joe Biden will say that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s foreign-policy ideas could send the U.S. down an irreversible path of isolationism and bigotry.

In a speech to be delivered today, Biden will offer a rebuttal to Trump’s controversial ideas on immigration, terrorism, and the U.S.’s relationship with Russia.

“Wielding the politics of fear and intolerance, like proposals to ban Muslims from entering the United States or slandering entire religious communities as complicit in terrorism, calls into question America’s status as the greatest democracy in the history of the world,” Biden is expected to say, according to remarks made available to reporters before the speech. “If we build walls and disrespect our closest neighbors, we will quickly see all this progress disappear, replaced by a return of anti-Americanism and a corrosive rift throughout our hemisphere,” he will say. Read more.



  1. Just hit your chest and reason that your sins are tragically catastrophic. Israel must see harder humor than a misfit running the country with the pennies all over the White House floor.

    If we can be more considered in our own humanity, we will vote for human voice and creative humane accomplishment. Hillary may not be the perfect woman in office with the perfect score at the transit of all of the comings and goings, but she will have the wherewithal of the worth to see that the future can begin with a day of a nicer image of humor and hope and end with the evening sun returning to the future with the same attribute.

    She is careful in her speech, careful in her cared for discrete moods and she does have a good intellectual ability to understand direct issues and continue her intelligent educational frame of mind.

    Trump is so horrid that Anne Frank would have written three more chapters about flailing arms, hardened speech, worthless promise, indiscreet indiscretion and hate speech surely to aim for hate for human voice.

    Until we have more unanimity in this mood for this era, we will see that Trump continues to war over the moment and Hillary continues to look to the fate of the future. Do you really want a little hiccup of human added stress to be the whole micromanaged exam of human experience? Dump Trump. He means no harm other than your own imagination at what humor can be for G-d and what honor can be for mankind. Not only will nations hate America, the will hate our families and they will hate Hashem’s fame in our world.

    Clever to see that many orthodox jews like Mr. Trump. Our Ishmael problem is not the gold chain around his hand lifted up to command the attention of the enemy. Trump is a radical hate for humor and free speech and all of his followers will quickly subdue your honors if you speak of liberty and human trust.

    Marking the mood of humor is not dropping Torah just to see if the hate in the gold mine is happier with the compost success of hated voice. Mr. Trump is not a friend of American Judgment.

    • I wish you wouldn’t publish this guy’s (gal’s) comments. The English is so bad that I can never figure out what he’s saying. What a waste of ink.

  2. Excuse my error on the compost issue. The problem with Trump is his gold meant love of our world is so egregious that he would rather decorate his wandering ease with hard value.

    Still, I can not think he is one to win this election. The voices of liberty are many today and though we can not recruit the Trump voter to reconsider his ways, A jew who lifts Torah to think that Trump can help him is just standing on a false floor board.

    The world is not humane thought just to see the worth of the wicked dematerialize by the world that has no voice or value.

    Trusting in G-d sees that we must look for proper speech. Moses spoke in good trust of Hashem. How can we look past Ms. Clinton who is not hate filled just by the conduct of her humor. She is intelligent and has many friends. That should tell you something. Mr. Trump was a share-cage for all of his years to attack here and there in the media and thus design his great enigmatic brand and worth by the wagers of anger and aggressive thought in the media. Hillary met people, shared dinners and conducted good business. She would appeal in my thoughts to Moses. Mr. Trump would be the guy left standing next to the pyramid and waiting for pharaoh to give him another look at the designs for the great empire. Is this what you really want for your next role model for your jewish children? I am just ashamed that we do not see past 1. a woman 2. a troubled marriage that has continued with hope 3. terrible times that could not be fixed by the grace of any good target put squarely on the map for the right to just end the war with terror and 4. any idea that her family could still have anything further to contribute.

    Sad, but I do not feel that this era is happier with the negativity.

    Forgive the long remarks, I want a reasonable future and will hope that the readers will agree, Trump is a criminal factor in our future.



  3. The world already hates us because we have not bent down, yet, to a socialistic Marxist government that most of the world is running into. They hate us because there still exists some religious beliefs we hold fast. They hate us especially now because our government is not the strong one we had once that protected the world and it seems they feel threatened with out a big daddy watching over them. So Biden can talk but he agrees with the ones that are not making our world safer.

  4. And what is he smoking the world is laughing at the USA, only because he and his boss are running aground the country

  5. Of course he will make the world hate the US. Who among the US’s so-called friends and real foes doesn’t just love a spineless, feckless ‘superpower’?

  6. Dear Vice President Biden,

    You are correct. President Trump’s policies will make many countries hate us, but they will surely respect us.

  7. This past Thursday I got new personalized plates. License plates that is. I reads TRUMP 17. Everywhere I go in frum communities everyone gives me thumbs up. Trump will make our enemies respect us. Look what Obama and Hillary support. Nukes for Iran.


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