Biden Visits Site Of Protests

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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Bidenpaid a visit to the site of Saturday night’s protests in Wilmington, Del., amid the fallout from the death of George Floyd, according to an Instagram post.

“We are a nation in pain, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us. We are a nation enraged, but we cannot allow our rage to consume us. We are a nation exhausted, but we will not allow our exhaustion to defeat us,” Biden said in a Sunday statement posted to the social media site, accompanied by a photo of him in a mask speaking with a man and child across a line of police tape.

“The only way to bear this pain is to turn all that anguish to purpose,” he added. “And as President, I will help lead this conversation — and more importantly, I will listen, just as I did today visiting the site of last night’s protests in Wilmington.”

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  1. I love it when these angry old rich WHITE men preach to blacks that they are going to be their savior. In other words, you blacks are too stupid to have your own representative. We WHITE elitists are the only ones. Cheapskate Joe, who has given the least amount of charity of any politician (Google it) in the last 100 years, is preaching to poor downtrodden blacks that HE will give them everything they want. Joe never gave a dime towards reparations. Are the blacks that dumb? Do they automatically vote for any candidate that has a “D” before it?!

  2. He was VP under a race baiter who always criticised police before the facts were in. This was Hussein’s , the Chicago street hustler’s , legacy.
    Shame on the Jews who voted for this nobody who had no record of any accomplishment prior to his election..
    Went downhill from then; Jew Ma -Yofis cowards jumping to his tune.

  3. Tiny Biden tiny war.
    Shame on anyone who even approaches a rioter. This is just day sad day sad.

    Crowd control. American diet. Who can ask the best. A humor to no more share of dumb bottom feeding. Dietary crowd control. And do not forget. Always a collar on your shirt in the public. Anything less is disregard for health.


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