Biden Warns: Eight Years Of Trump Presidency Would ‘Change The Character’ Of US


Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off his “No Malarkey” bus tour on Saturday by warning a crowd in Iowa that President Trump would “change the character” of the U.S. if he were to stay in the White House for eight years.

“We can overcome four years of Donald Trump, but eight years will literally, literally begin to change the character of this nation, and we cannot let that happen,” Biden said, echoing a theme of his 2020 presidential campaign. “We cannot let that happen.”

“Our national character is on the ballot this time around. Our children are listening, they’re wondering what’s going on,” Biden said.

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  1. Yes Crazy Uncle Joe….that is what we hope and pray for. After Obama’s YMS eight years of ruination we want President Trump to continue to restore our country’s sovereignty. I like the economy under this president, I like his support of Israel, and his insistence on securing our borders against illegal immigration. You and your Democrat colleagues are planning to further Obama’s legacy and “transform this nation ” into something so horrible that I believe the United States will never be able to recover. Either way I believe that G-d rules the universe so I hope He has mercy on us and keep Quid Pro Joe and his chevra far away from power.

  2. To Mr. Fake Joe Biden: Changing the character of the US is exactly what the American people want after decades of criminals running the country. By the way, where’s the original Joe Biden?

      • Nothing stupid about FACTS although it’s hard to accept because mainstream brainwashing media is covering it all up. Don’t you feel stupid and ashamed for going along with mainstream’s propaganda where they cover up all the facts?

      • You sound like the Hungarians Jews during the Holocaust who didn’t believe what the Polish Jews who ran over to warn them. Although there’s nothing to warn with the false Biden, but at least you should wake up to the truth actually happening and stop being so naive.

  3. This might be the first time I agree with Joe Biden.
    Yes, President Trump would change the character of the U.S. if he were to stay in the White House for eight years.
    Which is exactly why people will vote for Trump in 2020, because they want to make sure that that happens.

  4. Really useful. Quid Pro Joe is a drama sweet grunge mad eye.

    Even Trump is keen. 8 years and maybe no more grave dig worry if we strengthen by the non alcoholic president. I already stopped drinking beer and now enjoy only non alcoholic. What did I do during Obama/Biden? Started a horrible cigar habit. Good Trump has helped me control it.

    No quid pro quo digest. We can either focus on health or just look at the mens gay baby looking days with nothing to say about the constitution.

    Bearing this adds bricks to my new home.

  5. Fixing the U.S . with trump? I didn’t know shutting the goverment down earlier this year was an improvement. And a rise in anti – semitism and mass shootings was just what “the american people need”. Hmmm… Must have missed something.

    • If you would have read Real News, you’d have understood how brilliant President Trump’s shutting down the govt was. People commenting against President Trump when all they listen to or read is mainstream fake news, makes them look dumb.

  6. Yea, Joe, this country is yet to recover from the eight disastrous years of your former boss, who ruined everything that he touched.


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