BIDEN’S BIRTHDAY BUMBLE: Watch Joe Wish ‘President’ Kamala Harris a Happy Birthday

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During remarks at an event this week for the holiday of Diwali, the festival of lights in Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism, Biden took a moment  to recognize Kamala Harris’ recent birthday —only he called her “President.”

“I know we’ll celebrating Diwali, but a few year – days ago, it was also Kamala’s birthday. She turned 30,” Biden said jokingly.

“And happy birthday to a great president. We know your mom is always with you,” Biden said.

Watch the clip below:


Biden turns 80 next month and is already the oldest sitting President in the history of the United States. His mental fitness has repeatedly been called into question as his gaffes seem to be more and more frequent these days. Biden also said during a recent interview with MSNBC that he could “drop dead tomorrow.”

“You know, I, could be, I’m a great respecter of fate,” Biden told interviewer Jonathan Capehart. “I could get a disease tomorrow, I could, you know, drop dead tomorrow. But I, you know, in terms of my energy level, in terms of how much I’m able to do, I think people should look and say, ‘is he, is he still have the same passion for what he’s doing? And if they think I do, and I can do it, then that’s fine.”


    • “The White House Built a Fake Oval Office for Joe Biden”
      “Joe Biden faked getting Live TV booster”
      “Nothing is real with these people, it’s all smoke and mirrors. But we’re supposed to entrust them with all of our personal health decisions?”
      “While conservative YouTuber Dave Rubin asked: “Fake President sitting in fake oval office with fake flowers in fake window says what?”

  1. He calls Obama the president. He calls Kamela the president.

    Suffering as we may, the option does not contest the Trump decision to shade it that Mr. Biden is not.

    Drive me Betty Xoo.


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