Biden’s White House Reportedly Has Yet To Release Visitors Logs

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Five weeks into his administration, the Biden White House has yet to make good on its commitment to release visitor logs, according to a report.

Daily schedules for the president and Vice President Kamala Harris are also not posted online, the White House comment line is shut down and the White House website doesn’t list citizen petitions, the report published Monday by Politico adds.

The administration has said it intends to make the visitor logs public, but it will not reveal the names of people attending virtual meetings — a key mode of communication during the COVID pandemic.

The White House wouldn’t comment on certain policies like the citizens’ petition but reiterated Biden’s pledge for “ethics and transparency” in a statement to Politico.

Read more at NY Post.



  1. Fake Biden’s White House is not in DC. He doesn’t live and never stepped foot in there since his fake inauguration and neither does the fake Harris. The lights of the WH in DC inside and outside are shut automatically at 11:00 PM. Their so-called White House is in Castle Rock Hollywood. It takes time to fabricate some visitors to make a log, doesn’t it?


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