Bill Clinton Sports Hebrew Hillary Pin at Democratic National Convention

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At last night’s Democratic National Convention, those watching Bill Clinton closely as he reacted to Joe Biden’s speech quickly noticed something unusual:

Bill was wearing a Hebrew “Hillary” (הילרי) pin.

As it turns out, Tablet Mag explains, the pin was a gift from either one of two political operatives associated with the National Jewish Democratic Council. Steve Rabinowitz of Bluelight Strategies, which represents the NJDC, and who formerly worked in the Clinton White House, explained that he was at a Clinton/Gore campaign alumni event yesterday afternoon at the National Museum of America Jewish History in Philadelphia and gave his old boss the pin. Bill said he’d wear it but Steve didn’t know whether or not to believe him and certainly didn’t think he’d do it last night.

Meanwhile, Tablet Mag goes on to report, separately and without either of them knowing it, Marc Stanley, chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council, did the same thing when he saw Clinton in the convention hall and Clinton told him he was planning to wear it.

Don’t know who gets the credit, but they were both happy.




  1. ain’t gonna help her – Jews are VOTING REPUBLICAN.

    DemocRATS burn Israeli & American flags and fly Palestinian flags instead of American flags

  2. Addition to the Democratic Platform:
    Supporting the removal of (gender,etc.)
    exemptions for religious and any other institutions

  3. The Democrats deliberately deleted this line from their Platfom this year:

    We also support the freedom of churches and religious entities to decide how to administer marriage as a religious sacrament without government interference

  4. ווער דארף דאס האבען

    What is the next narishkeit that we will read? That someone gave him a yarmulka? That a Chasid gave him a streimel?

  5. You could think this is neat. Mr. Clinton can have a hebrew Hillary laugh. If she beats Trump, the Kabbalah might have done the job. But really, its funny.

    Tricky soul of this prophetic future that has freedom for all! Shalom.

  6. I would vote for Bill Clinton in a second over either of the two awful candidates currently running. He was personally sleazy, but he was actually a pretty good president. (Yes, I know – what a ringing endorsement.)

  7. Maybe it’s just the camera angle in the picture above, but he is looking rather slim. Actually weak and sick looking. Maybe all his social interactions caught up with him. Another Interesting Day Speculating.


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