Bill de Blasio: Immigration Raids Underway In New York City


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he’s getting reports that a nationwide crackdown on immigrants facing deportation is already underway in his city.

The sweeps were expected to start Sunday, but de Blasio tweeted on Saturday that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency had already taken action in New York.

The mayor, who said his city would not cooperate with ICE, says ICE agents did not succeed in rounding up any residents of Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood and Harlem.

Read more at The Washington Times.



  1. So what kind of message is DeBlasio giving the citizens of NYC?! That it’s okay to break the law?! It’s okay for us to disregard our government?! Anarchy is acceptable? This man is encouraging lawlessness, a very dangerous precedent.


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