Bill Gates Donating $12 Million To Fund Research For A Universal Flu Vaccine

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Bill Gates announced Friday that he will donate $12 million to fund research for a universal flu vaccine.

Gates warned of an impending pandemic, saying that the world has not made much progress in preparation, particularly in impoverished countries.

The announcement comes after a particularly dangerous flu season that affected millions of Americans.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Bill Gates is one of those heretics who believes that the world is over populated and God can no longer handle such a critical situation. The earth will run out of food and resources and all humans will drop dead ( except for the rich elitists like him and Bl$$mberg, Buffet, Zuckerberg, etc…)

    • Mr. Gates is very fun. I am glad he is in our world.

      Keep blinking at your screen. He made it possible.

      Great philanthropist. He does his best and he has so much to concern.

      We daven for his mind and being if we are smart. He is a friend of the human experience.

      Good luck.

  2. Say what you want about him, but he actually has a charitable fund in his & his wife’s name, and he gives. Maybe it doesn’t qualify halochically as ma’aser, but he’s a goy, and by publicizing his donations, maybe more people will give money.

    • Bill Gates makes no mystery of his opinions about overpopulation, and his statements are recorded on video. How exactly is average peasant “spewing garbage”?

  3. Bill Gates has blood on his hands. He is responsible for the deaths of young girls in India who were used as guinea pigs by administering them the Gardasil vaccine without parental consent, which was funded by his foundation. In 2017, India blocked their funding.


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