Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck Join Forces on Radio

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Bill O’Reilly may have been ousted from Fox News, but he’ll soon be reunited with fellow former Fox host Glenn Beck. O’Reilly announced Monday that he’ll be featured in a weekly spot on Beck’s show, the Glenn Beck Radio Program. “We’re going to do that every Friday until Beck gets tired of me,” O’Reilly said on his ‘No Spin News’ podcast. “And it’s a good outlet for me to, you know, discuss things back and forth with Beck, who’s a good friend. We don’t agree on everything, but it’s very lively.”

Beck previously said O’Reilly emailed him the day he was fired from Fox and that he didn’t believe the allegations against him. Last week, Beck offered O’Reilly a spot on TheBlaze. “I could not get the cable coverage by myself because I’m not powerful enough, unless you have a giant corporation behind you,” Beck said. “If we could unite our powers for good, as opposed to evil—but that’s another conversation.” Read more at THE HILL.



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