Bill Would Outlaw Carrying a Gun while Drunk in NY

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gun-drunkA newly introduced bill would make New York the 21st state to outlaw carrying a gun while drunk. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and state Sen. Jeffrey Klein announced the legislation Thursday.

The law would rely on the same blood alcohol level, .08 percent, used to determine whether a driver is drunk.

It would make it a class-A misdemeanor. The punishment would be up to one year in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Unlike most other states that have the law, New York’s would not apply to hunting grounds or firing ranges.

Bloomberg and Klein said it would be too difficult to get those restrictions passed in New York.

{AuburnPub/Noam Newscenter}


  1. I have often thought that the US Constitutional “right to bear arms” may have been right and necessary in 1776, but is totally wrong bayamim elu.

    Never mind about making it an offense to carry a gun while drunk. The time has come for root and branch legislation to amend the Constitution and to ban the bearing of firearms by civilians.

    No guns => fewer murders and far less crime.

  2. Unfortunately just as Ben Azai has probably (deduced from his handle) missed the boat on marriage, he is completely wet on the 2nd Amendment too. 1. If guns are taken away from law abiding citizens, ONLY criminals (who don’t care about the law) will have guns. 2. Taking away guns, meaning the government doesn’t trust its citizens, is a hallmark of totalitarian regimes, such as the Nazis and the Communists. 3. The Right to Bear Arms, is almost a 4th division in the separation of powers (in addition to the executive, legislative, and judicial) which give a modicum of power to the people to make sure the U.S. remains free. For this last reason alone it is worth it that about 50% of the population have freely chosen to own firearms, despite inevitable abuses of firearms. If you took away the private ownership of cars, we could probably save 40,000 lives a year and trillions in damage and lost productivity, the country could function on vastly expanded public transportation like in the USSR. Yet car ownership and industry are worth the cost because they are part of what makes America tick! Even more so with private gun ownership! People who don’t own guns or know anything about guns and gun ownership offering an opinion that guns should be banned is like an opinion from a goy that Shechita without prior electrical stunning should be banned.

  3. Guns make us safer. Banning guns only hurts us because criminals will still be able to get their hands on guns, and the average citizen will be left defenseless.

    However, as with anything, we need common sense restrictions. If you choose to get drunk, then you lose certain privileges/rights like driving and carrying a gun.

    This legislation makes all the sense in the world, but it’s opponents will probably try to label it as unconstitutional. It’s pretty impossible to pass restrictions on firearms. The gun lobby is very strong.

  4. It is obvious that icomeanon has limited knowledge about guns, and even less about public safety legislation. The fact is, it is very rare to hear about law-abiding citizens brandishing guns, and even rarer that someone is injured by a law-abiding drunk with a gun. However, no one who knows gun laws would say it is unconstitutional. This is nothing but “feel good” legislation that does NOTHING for public safety. Drunk or drugged criminals won’t care about the law. They aren’t allowed guns in any case. And YES, I happen to be a Baki in all aspects of firearms.

  5. Funny: everyone who comments here is a naar – EXCEPT SG, who is a ganze knukker with guns.

    He may be baki with firearms; how does he rate with Jewish studies, I wonder.


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