Bill Would Restrict Visits to Terrorists While Shalit is Held; Noam Shalit to Begin Living in Tent

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shalit2A bill submitted by new Knesset Member Danny Danon (Likud) would limit visits to Hamas terrorists held by Israel as long as Gilad Shalit is held by Hamas and does not receive visits. The bill, an amendment to the Prisons Order, is dubbed the “Shalit law” but does not specifically mention the abducted IDF soldier. It determines that “during a period in which a terror organization holds an Israeli citizen hostage, the prisoners in Israeli jails who are members of that terror group will only be eligible for visits by lawyers as specified by law and to visits by International Red Cross representatives once every three months.”

Danon says the bill is intended to advance the release of Gilad Shalit. It is meant “to rectify the absurd situation in which terror groups abduct Israeli citizens, hold them as bargaining cards and even completely deny them visits, while members of the same terror groups sitting in jail in Israel are allowed to receive visitors to their hearts’ content and without limit.”

Danon said that he spoke to the Shalit family and informed them of the proposed bill before submitting it.

Gilad Shalit’s father, Noam, intends to begin living in a protest tent opposite the Prime Minister’s Residence in Yerushalayim from Sunday, in order to put pressure on the Olmert government in its final days.

 {Yair Israel/Arutz-7}


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