Bill Would Tighten Restrictions on IDF Exemptions for Girls

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idf-soldierTorah-true Jewry is up in arms over another breach in religious foundations and the status quo in a proposed bill that would impose stricter criteria on young women seeking exemptions from IDF induction.

Maranan verabbonon past and present determined that serving in the IDF is strictly forbidden and the Chazon Ish held that enlisting women in the military or National Service falls under the category of prohibitions that are yehoreig ve’al ya’avor. The bill, which is being advanced by Education Minister MK Gidon Saar, who has become the leader of all anti-chareidi initiatives even though he is part of the government, would make it difficult for many baalos teshuvoh and girls from traditional homes – who are aware of the ban against IDF service – to get an exemption from service.

The decision of the Ministerial Committee for Legislative Matters, backed by the IDF six to four, is designed to create tighter restrictions in securing a military exemption for religious reasons. According to the legislative initiative set forth by MKs Yisrael Chason, Moshe Matlon and Miri Regev – who were preceded by Saar – a young woman who declares she is religious, in order to receive a military exemption must produce documents showing her enrollment at a religious institution.

The Ministerial Committee also decided to ask the Knesset committee involved in the issue to hold a discussion on the issue within a week. A dispute erupted between Saar and the chareidi members of the committee, who decried the ongoing attack against every matter of kedushoh.

The incendiary initiative is intended to debase the chareidi sector yet again and to seed war over religious issues. Surprisingly , top Likud figures are joining the incitement against the chareidi community, most notably Saar.

The chareidi community has always considered the issue of women serving in the IDF as something to be avoided as much as possible for the sanctity of Klal Yisroel.

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  1. Girls joinging the Israeli army is yehereg v’al yavor said the Chazon Ish and all of Gedolei Yisroel. The Israeli army is well known for its immorality and indecency.


  2. Yes Sheldon. There is. The Chazon Ish & the Brisker Rov, of blessed memory, along with all their contemporaries, ruled that it is strictly forbidden. They were giants in their knowledge of the Torah and lived and breathed true fear of G-d, and love of their fellow Jews, Chareidi and otherwise. While you may not understand or appreciate their reasoning, you are nevertheless not in a position to challenge their halachic ruling.It’s like me walking into NASA and arguing with the engineers about what is the safest type of fuel to use in the launch of their space vehicles. Leave rulings on how to comply with the Torah’s commandments to the Torah giants.

  3. I lived in EY from 1962 through 1985. I served in the IDF from 1965 until 1985, rising to the rank of Rav Seren (major).

    How was it, Ben Torah #2 that, during twenty years of service as a yehudi yireh shamayim, I never came a single instance of the “immorality and indecency” you have written about?

  4. number 5# maybe you fell your on the level to argue with the chazon ish ztl and the brisker rav but im not. if they said its bad its in their shadows by r shlomo loreincz zl.

  5. GB_Jew, are completely joking or suffering from memory loss? I served in the Israeli army for a year in a religious unit in a high combat area (Gaza) and still there were issues. a
    ny time there will be boys and girls together in such an environment, it is to be expected that things will go on, alot!
    the army (any army) is no place for a girl, and certainly not a bas yisroel! The Poskim are clear and so are the results of those who don’t heed them.
    sherut leumi where boys and girls are together also leads to all kinds of problems. someone would have to be a fool to suggest otherwise!

  6. #5 that may have simply been the circles of people u surrounded urself with. For religious girls it would be a degradation of sanctity full stop.

  7. #5 — Because you were part of it and indecent to it, that you actually were blinded by it. It is prevalent throughout the IDF. Any outside observer, including irreligious, can see it and admit it.

  8. that’s because you served in 1985!

    What was TV like in 1965?

    But what Ben-Torah did misrepresent, is the psak of the Chazon Ish.

    THe CI paskened that drafting women (specifically women) was forbidden. PERIOD.

    It was NOT contingent in any way on the morality or lack of it, perceived or actual, of the army. That part is BT’s own commentary.

  9. cohen #4 – a posek???? – almost all poskim of the dati leumi community.

    all the government is demanding is honesty! is that assered?

    in any case the options now available are entirely different than the integrated roles of women in the IDF 60 years ago. the CI and the brisker rav did not address today’s situation.

  10. R’ Avigdor Miller wrote in Awake My Glory b’feirush that Hashem hates any army with women present, including the Israeli army.


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