Black Box Didn’t Work on Hoboken Train

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The New Jersey Transit train that slammed into Hoboken Terminal last week had no functioning data recorder that day, when the wreck killed one person and injured 100 more. A federal official said Sunday the dysfunctional “black box” means investigators cannot gather important information from the locomotive about what went wrong during Thursday morning’s rush hour.

Bella Dinh-Zarr, vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said the issue with the black box—which was built in 1995—was one of many equipment failures on the train. “That’s quite an old event data recorder,” she said. “Usually when they’re not working, they’re replaced.” Read more at NORTHJERSEY.COM.



  1. Oh………… convenient. So that’s it? Everyone is off the hook? End of story?
    The cover-up continues. Just like bridge gate, this corruption stinks to high heaven. New Jersey has got to be thee most corrupt State in the Union. Even worse than New York or Illinois.


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