BLAME GAME: NY Gov Cuomo Blames NJ Gov Murphy For His Own Problems

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today took a shot at New Jersey over its high rate of coronavirus infections and blamed the Garden State for rising positive cases in Staten Island.

“Staten Islanders spend a lot of time going back and forth to New Jersey, and New Jersey has a very high rate [of infection], and I think that’s part of what’s driving the high rate in Staten Island,” Cuomo said, essentially blaming New Jersey Governor Murphy for the high number of infections in New York.

Both New Jersey and New York are currently experiencing a second wave of new coronavirus cases, and there is little evidence that Staten Island’s rate of infection has anything to do with New Jersey.

Cuomo’s comments come as he parades around numerous talk shows trumpeting his new book on leadership – which he somehow found time to write during a national pandemic. Cuomo is blamed by many for thousands of needless deaths in New York nursing homes during the height of the coronavirus outbreak, and has been excoriated for singling out Orthodox Jews for not complying with Covid rules and shutting down several Jewish-majority areas of New York State.



  1. What a lowlife kofer dog. Nimrod Cuomo has got to be thrown out of office. It’s too bad the corrupt Rinos in the Assembly and State Senate just don’t care.

  2. The answer is simple. Both governors should immediately raise the tolls for the Outerbridge Crossing, Cuomo – to lower the number of motorists crossing in from NJ, and Murphy – to retaliate. Then, they should raise them again and again. Since this keeps on happening even without Covid, now that there is an excellent excuse ….

  3. What an insane insane person. When the book is finally written about Chinese Wuhan Virus in New York, you’ll see how horrible this פרא אדם was.

    He forced patients into nursing homes where the virus was able to spread among our most compromised.

    He refused to use his own stash of ventilators, rather he blamed the president for not giving ventilators.

    He had to accept the USS Comfort kicking and screaming as well as the field unit that was set up in Javits Center. It should be pointed out both of those remained almost empty because virus patients were not transferred there .

    So all he does is he likes to blame other people. In English we call this a typical איטאַליענישער בהמה!

  4. I’ve never seen anyone who demands all praise for anything that’s good and denies any responsibility for anything that’s bad to the extent that Governor Cuomo does. This foul and odious person writes a book praising himself for his coronavirus response, while thousands of seniors lie dead because of his nursing home edict. Everything is someone else’s fault (Trump! De Blasio! Murphy!), while he takes no responsibility or blame whatsoever for anything. He makes President Trump look like the second coming of Honest Abe.


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