BLAZ’S NYC: Brooklyn Man Organizes Safe Walks Home From Subway Following Spike In Attacks

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A Brooklyn man rattled by recent subway crime has started a service to safely escort straphangers home from the train.

Bushwick resident Peter Kerre, 40, began the “SafeWalks NYC” initiative following a recent slew of random attacks on women at the Morgan Ave L station.

At least 5 young women reported being attacked by a stranger in the station between Nov. 17 and Jan. 3.

An arrest in connection with the attacks was made after the neighborhood was plastered with pictures of a victim who was shoved against a station wall and punched in the face multiple times.

“When I saw a picture of one of the ladies who had been punched, when I saw her picture, I was so angry. I jumped on my bike and went to the subway, and I said you know what? If this person is still hanging around punching people let me just see,” Kerre told the Post Wednesday.

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  1. Eh eh eh. Fake news. DeBlasio has told us that crime is down for the 112th straight quarter, going back to the Lindsey days. It’s too bad DeBlasio wasn’t able to steal the election. He would of been the greatest President in our country’s sordid history. I just can’t understand why his slogan “Don the Con” never picked up steam.


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