Blind Man Regains Sight Thanks To Israeli Startup’s Synthetic Cornea

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A 78-year-old man who has been blind in both eyes for 10 years has regained his sight after receiving the first implant of an artificial cornea developed by Israeli startup CorNeat, the company announced Monday.

The CorNeat KPro implant is designed to replace deformed, scarred or opacified corneas, and it integrates with the eye wall with no reliance on donor tissue.

Professor Irit Bahar, head of the Ophthalmology Department at Rabin Medical Center (formerly Beilinson Hospital) in Petah Tikva, performed the procedure.

Once the bandages were removed, the patient was able to recognize family members and read text.

Read more at Yisrael Hayom.



  1. Hate to burst the bubble. The recipient is a “cousin,” so while on a personal level one can be happy for him, he’s (and his extended family) definitely not a candidate for being a “lamed-vovnik” any time in the future…


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