Bloomberg: Act on Guns Now

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bloombergNew York City’s mayor has called for “immediate national action” on gun laws in the wake of the devastating Newtown school shooting.

Joined by dozens of shooting survivors and victims’ relatives on Monday, the mayor criticized the White House for not taking up the issue in the days since Friday’s massacre. He added that the fiscal cliff debacle should not prevent them from making gun violence “the first order of business” that the new Congress takes up when it convenes in January.

Bloomberg announced the Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ three-part legislative package: first, that it pass the Fix Gun Checks Act, which would require every gun buyer to pass a thorough background check; second, to pass an “enforceable and effective assault weapons ban”; and third, to make gun trafficking a felony. Bloomberg also urged the president to use his executive power to streamline the process of putting these laws into effect. Read more at NY1.

{Andy Newscenter}



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