Bloomberg Blasts EMTs Accused of Refusing to Help Dying Pregnant Woman

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bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg today blasted two emergency medical technicians accused of refusing to help a pregnant woman who had collapsed in the coffee shop where they were taking a break. The woman and her baby later died.

Bloomberg said refusing to help goes against human decency.

“There’s no excuse whatsoever,” he said.

The Fire Department is investigating the accusation, which centers on the Dec. 9 death of 25-year-old Eutisha Revee Rennix. The EMTs, who have not been identified, are accused of telling employees at the eatery in downtown Brooklyn to call 911 and then leaving when they were asked to help Rennix, an employee who had collapsed.

An ambulance was called, and Rennix was taken to Long Island College Hospital, where she died a short time later. Her baby girl was too premature to survive.

The Fire Department declined to comment further pending the outcome of the investigation. A message left for Rennix’s mother was not immediately returned.

A spokesman for the EMT union said the situation with its resulting accusation was an “odd event,” and that EMTs generally consider their jobs to be a 24-hour kind of thing.

“Our people tend to spring into action whether they’re on duty, off duty, whatever they’re doing,” said Robert Ungar, spokesman for the Uniformed EMTS and Paramedics, FDNY.

The city’s EMTs have a “very strong bond with the people of New York City that they serve,” he said. “They view themselves as always being on duty.”

He didn’t know the identities of the EMTs at the center of the investigation and said the union was waiting to see what the results of the Fire Department’s investigation would be.

“If there was unprofessional conduct by these EMTs, the union does not condone any type of conduct which in any way can harm members of the public,” he said.

The story was first reported by the New York Post.

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  1. Are you aware that Bloomberg doesn’t draw a salary? I hope that you at least know that he doesn’t get any money from tickets.

    Besides, what does your distaste of Bloomberg have anything to do with this story?

  2. This is just another reason why we should be thankful for Hatzolah!

    Just thought I’d mention MRI’s Emergency Helpline Number:
    press 1 for Hatzolah
    press 2 for Shomrim
    press 3 for Chaverim

    listen to the prompts for other options. (When you call this number, YOU ARE NOT MAKING AN EMERGENCY CALL. Only AFTER you press one of the prompts, will you be connected.)
    This is a good and easy number to remember.

  3. “Are you aware that Bloomberg doesn’t draw a salary?”

    Well, technically, he draws a $1 salary. But your point remains.

    In any event, let’s remember that the story is not really about Michael Bloomberg – it’s about the EMTs who couldn’t find it within themselves to help out a dying human being.

    The Wolf

  4. To ycbmhe (#1): Your’s is the kind of comment that causes the gedolai Yisrael to want to close frum websites down.

    To icomeanon (#2): Obviously, I agree with you 100 percent. Any sane individual would agree with the mayor’s criticism of these inhumane EMTs. As you intimated, commenter #1 just has an axe to grind and people like this will grind away, whether they’re coherent or not…much less relevant to the issue at hand.

  5. To set the record straight: The mayor gets a commission from every single ticket and summons issued by the City of New York. Although he declines most of his salary, he still receives millions in commissions.

  6. to #3,

    I’ve never heard of MRI but in a life and death emergency, I’d think it would make more sense to call hazalah directly rather than through a third party – its gotta take at least an extra couple of seconds for them to route the call to hatzalah for you. do you agree?

  7. To Anonymous #9 who said that the mayor gets millions in commissions from parking ticket fines: What planet do you live on? I want to run for mayor there!

    Really though…where do you come up with this imbecilic nonsense? Either you think there’s such a thing as a Chanukah shpiel or you just want to make Jews look dumb. Sheesh!

  8. Bloomberg should step down over this incident! The buck stops with him. I would recommend the Family to sue Bloomberg personaly!

  9. To #9, you got a point there. However, just in case you forget one of the 3 above mentioned numbers, you can call MRA (I am sorry, its not MRI, its MRA)


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